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Why You Should Choose An ATREI Member For Your Home Inspection!
Our ATREI members keep the consumer in mind first and foremost. In keeping with that commitment, we believe that continuing education is crucial, so that we stay on top of the ever-changing practices in building science and technology. Our members perform home inspections to the highest professional standards in the inspection industry today.

ATREI members promise to provide you with plenty of clear, concise information about the home under consideration, and to do so in a thoroughly professional manner. Our members perfrom home inspections in every part of the Dallas – Fort Worth, Texas market, and so we have inspectors who are familiar with different defects common to any of these neighborhoods and geographic areas.

Our Members provide a variety of inspection services, ranging from general home inspections, to more specialized services like thermal imaging, infrared scans, moisture evaluations, mold assessments, Stucco / EIFS, swimming pools, septic systems, commercial building and much more! Whatever type of inspection service you need, our members have you covered.

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Residential Inspections

Commercial Inspections

Phase Inspections

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We offer continuing education to home inspectors 11 months of the year.

December we have a party.

ATREI Association of Texas Real Estate Inspectors

Our Purpose
Supporting local home Inspectors. Helping home inspectors by providing continuing education courses that are approved by TREC. Helping home inspectors through comradery; developing relationships so inspectors have someone to call or contact when they find something at an inspection that they may be unfamiliar with. Helping home inspectors with classes that meet TREC standards of practice but also explain in practical terms how to perform and report inspection items.

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